Husky e-Series Electric Pumps From Graco

Husky 1050e

Graco continues to deliver on their brand promise of customer-focused innovative products that industry can depend on. With the release of the new Husky e-Series double diaphragm pumps, Graco takes a leap forward for the fluid management industry with a wide new product range of electric pumps.

The Husky e-Series brings numerous benefits to the market for any fluid handling application with huge efficiency benefits over conventional air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, industry famous reliability, and increased control over flow. Electrically operated pumps also have the added benefit of being far quieter than their conventional counterparts, creating a more enjoyable work environment for employees.

Cost Effective

The use of conventional AODD pumps requires an external air supply for each pump being used, generally run from a central air compressor. These compressors often consume a large amount of electricity in order to operate a pump system. For large applications, there are numerous factors to consider in the cost efficiency of a system. For smaller applications, it is clear that a central air compressor can be a huge cost to incur for the use of only a few pumps. The Graco e-Series allows for the implementation of pumps without the need for a central compressor and routing of pneumatic tubing. If you already use a conventional central compressor system for your pump application, or want to determine the benefits of choosing the e-Series over conventional pumps, Graco has created a simple ROI calculator to determine if switching to the e-Series would be beneficial for you.


As the only electric operated double-diaphragm pump on the market that stalls under pressure, the e-Series is the only pump that will prevent breakdowns resulting from clogged lines or closed valves. This simple feature adds a level of dependability to your system that you can’t get anywhere else. Paired with Graco’s famous seal-less design which eliminates the possibility of leaks and run-dry failures, the Huskey 1050e is one of the most reliable pumps on the market.

As with all of Graco’s AODD pumps, repair kits are standardized to simplify maintenance management. A single repair kit can be used for multiple varieties of pumps, saving valuable inventory space and making pump maintenance easy. In addition to their standardized repair kits, Graco pumps are famously simple, making service quick and efficient. 

The dependability of Graco e-Series pumps means less production down-time, less inventory of maintenance parts, and consistent, meterable flow in a modular design that can meet the needs of any application.

Flow Control

The e-Series offers increased control over the flow rate, pulsation while also accurately metering flow without additional parts to complicate the system. Due to the independence of the e-Series pumps, flow rates can be controlled individually with ease. These pumps also include a low-pulsation mode, to create a smooth flow and meet the needs of low-pulsation systems.


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