Unsurpassed Performance, Wide Selection, and Durability for Power Distribution, Racks, and Enclosures.

For more than 100 years, Hammond has designed and built durable enclosures and power management technologies for the global market, right here in Canada. By continuing to manufacture in Canada, Hammond can rapidly respond to custom enclosure orders and ensure consistently high-quality product offerings. Hammond also carries a full inventory to guarantee consistently low lead-times even if Integrated Machinery does not have stock in our warehouse.

At Integrated Machinery, we focus on simplifying the selection of the appropriate enclosure and power management for your application. When it comes to selecting an enclosure, there are many factors to consider such as chemical, abrasive, and substance exposure, mounting location requirements, and the thermal output of the enclosure contents. Our experts will also assess your system to determine if improvements can be made in thermal management to ensure a complete, cost-effective, and durable solution.

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InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Packaging System From Graco

Graco’s Invispac tank-free system outperforms the competition in hot melt packaging offering a reliable system that uses less electricity & glue, guaranteed.

Quality Monitoring with Balluff Sensors

In a recent industrial manufacturing application, our technical experts implemented Balluff sensors into an existing manufacturing process to improve the efficiency of the assembly line.

SaniSpray HP – Graco’s New Disinfectant Sprayer

The SaniSpray HP lineup is the most efficient disinfectant sprayer on the market, allowing for the rapid cleaning of large facilities.

Condition Monitoring – Balluff’s Newest Sensor

The new condition monitoring sensor from Balluff offers the benefits of numerous sensors in a compact package to fit restrictive spaces.

Husky e-Series Electric Pumps From Graco

With the release of the new Husky e-Series double diaphragm pumps, Graco takes a leap forward for the fluid management industry with a wide new product range of electrically operated double diaphragm pumps.

Leveraging Panasonic Laser Markers

As the leading innovator in the laser marking industry, Panasonic is the easy choice when it comes to laser markers.

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