Eyes Where You Can't See

Vision systems are the backbone of quality assurance through the assembly process in today’s modern production facilities. Vision systems are capable of rapid component checking during production, part tracking through the manufacturing process, as well as plain text, 1D, and 2D barcode reading.

Machine Vision Products

Machine Vision Systems

Vision systems are designed to monitor production quality throughout the manufacturing process. The use of industrial image processing technology provides a reliable means for instantly detecting product defects in addition to barcode and plain text reading for component tracking. Vision solutions can instantly halt production upon finding a defect, reducing scrap and eliminating prolonged downtime to search for the source of a defect.

Their versatile design paired with the intuitive Balluff Vision Systems (BVS) Cockpit equates to a cost-effective system that can adapt to your manufacturing needs. The BVS cockpit makes it simple to access all of the vision system’s functions and set up your cameras exactly how you need them without any prior knowledge.

Optical Identification Systems

Optical identification is a well-established method of identifying components and objects using 1D and 2D barcodes for process management. These systems are used across a wide array of applications from tool identification to product tracing and logistics systems.

Reliably detect and read barcodes anywhere with both stationary and handheld readers with accessories to meet the needs of standard and industrial grade applications

Need Help With Your Vision?

Balluff’s vision systems are easy to set up and modify to your needs with their innovative BVS Cockpit software.

Our experts are here to help with every step of setup and integration from the vision system itself to the processes it’s monitoring down to the wires that connect it all.

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