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R1.190.1310.0 - SamosPRO Compact Safety Controller

R1.190.1310.0 - SamosPRO Compact Safety Controller

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The SamosPRO compact safety controller is a PLC for any process requiring safety I/O. As a category 4 safety controller, the SamosPRO reduces the complexity of automated processes with safe I/O, unlike standard PLCs which require safety relays for certified safety applications.

Product specifications are as follows:

Number of inputs: 16
Number of outputs: 4
Interface: USB
Communicaton protocol: Industrial-Ethernet Profinet IO, Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP
Connection: Pluggable screw-terminals
Safety Category (ISO 13949-1): 4
Wieland Part Number: R1.190.1310.0
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