A Vast Array of Sensing Technologies For All of Your Needs

There is no one sensor that can perform equally in all situations. With this in mind, Balluff has developed a diverse selection of sensor operating principles, modes, and form factors to deliver dependable performance across a spectrum of applications. We carry premium sensors for requirements from presence detection and position measurement to level detection and pressure. For general industrial use or a tough application in critical environments, we have a sensor to meet your needs. Balluff”s sensor line rounds off with numerous accessories including mounting hardware and power supplies, as well as networking technologies to advance your automation system.

Sensor Product Lines

Condition Monitoring Sensors

Balluff’s condition monitoring sensors both read and process numerous physical inputs such as vibration, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure, providing clear data to a host system via IO-Link. With their compact and rugged design, the condition monitoring sensors can operate in even the smallest spaces. This equates to sensors that you can rely on to predict essential maintenance and ensure your system is running exactly how you need it.

The standardized IO-Link protocol allows you to easily parameterize the sensors and match the processing in the sensor to your specific application. The process data structure makes it possible to freely configure and cyclically transmit up to five measured or preprocessed data points. Acyclic queries for additional statistical processing variables are also possible.

Condition monitoring sensors from Balluff thus make an essential contribution to the efficient and faultless operation of equipment and significantly increase the efficiency of the overall system.

Flow Sensors

Flow sensors allow for the measurement and monitoring of media such as machine lubricants and cooling water to catch faults early and prevent unplanned downtime. This versatile collection of sensors includes both threaded and in-line versions for various flow amounts and tube diameters.

These sensors are indispensable across applications where the flow of process media is critical to the successful operation of the system. By detecting a reduction in flow, these sensors can alert you to a failure of a pump, a clogged filter, or a leak in the hose system which could cause greater damage down the line.

Additionally, flow status can be directly read off of many of the sensors in this lineup using the built-in LED line or display, or transmitted to a host system using the durable M12 connector on every sensor in this collection.

Infrared Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors allow for the monitoring of high temperatures without contact in harsh or inaccessible environments. Using accurate infrared technology, temperatures of moving objects can be reliably monitored in your production line. With standardized M12 connectors, temperature sensors can be easily parameterized remotely using IO-Link by the host controller or from the control panel.

Housed in a durable M30 stainless steel housing with IP67 protection these sensors can be utilized in temperature ranges from 250 – 1250 °C, making them useful in a wide range of applications for foundries, forgeries, steel plants, glassworks, and ceramic production.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors measure a variety of pressures, from hydraulic or pneumatic systems for machine movement to liquids, viscous media, and gases in any application where pressure is critical to proper operation. With a rotatable housing, an LED display for system pressure, and flexible mounting, these sensors are simple to implement into your automation system using VDMA-compliant programming.

Balluff’s pressure sensors are UL approved with an operating pressure range of -1 to 600 bar, with a fluid temperature range from -40 to 125 °C in an IP67 rated enclosure. Pressure values can be easily communicated via IO-Link with the versatile M12 connector.

Inclination Sensors

Inclination sensors are essential where precise position control, continuous monitoring, and guidance are vital to the operation of your process. Balluff’s inclination sensors measure deviation from horizontal or vertical axes up to 360° directly on your system without costly special construction.

With both contactless and absolute measurement principles, these sensors are simple to mount and easy to integrate into your facility using the standardized M12 connector. As is the case with many of Balluff’s sensors, the inclination sensors are IP67 rated for use in even the harshest environments.

Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors are the most widely used sensor in industrial automation. Automation without the use of inductive sensors would hardly be possible, which has lead Balluff to designing a complete range of inductive sensors that we are proud to carry in our inventory. These wear-resistant sensors are capable of reliable non-contact detection of metallic objects to automate, monitor, and control processes and conditions in even the most extreme environments.

Balluff’s inductive sensors are available in various form factors to meet your needs. From standard inductive sensors for low-risk environments to sensors with an extended switching distance, sanitary grade, high pressure, Ex-rated, Factor 1, and all-metal construction, this line of sensors is extremely versatile.

Ceramic and PTFE coated inductive sensors are also available for applications where a byproduct of production, such as weld splatter, would traditionally build up on the sensor and prevent it from functioning properly, Balluff has developed ceramic and PTFE coated inductive sensors. These coatings prevent the adhesion of production byproducts to avoid interference and create a reliable automation system.

Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors (Transducers)

Magnetostrictive sensors are commonly referred to as transducers because they convert the physical linear position on the sensor into a digital signal for a control system. These sensors, available in numerous form factors, are essential wherever ultra-reliable, precise position and speed measurement are critical to proper system operation.

Balluff’s Micropulse linear position sensors have proven themselves across multiple industries as the most accurate, stable, and reliable transducer on the market. Available in various housings and sizes, from 1-300 inches in both absolute and non-contact variations, it’s a guarantee that Balluff has developed a transducer to exceed your needs.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors provide non-contact part detection over a longer distance than other sensing methods. They do so using an infrared, red, or laser light beam that is either broken or reflected back by the target object to trigger a sensor output. Photoelectric sensors are capable of detecting object presence, colour, distance, size, shape and more depending on how they are set up.

These sensors are available in three different sensing modes; through-beam, retro-reflective, and diffuse.

Through-beam sensing is the simplest of the three, where a light beam is emitted from one end and received on the other, when the beam is broken it triggers an output.

Retro-reflective (reflex) sensing requires the use of a reflector to bounce the emitted light from the sensor back to the receiver, again when the beam is broken an output is triggered.

Diffuse sensing differs from the others as it triggers an output when the target object reflects the light back to the sensor itself, not when the beam is broken, allowing the detection of attributes such as colour.

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensors are ideal for the presence detection of nonmetallic objects and level detection of powders, granulates, viscous fluids, or liquids whether conductive or not. These versatile sensors come in a variety of form factors, including miniature versions, with a wide supply voltage range these sensors can be used almost anywhere.

Balluff’s capacitive object detection sensors utilize a straight-line electrical field to detect objects without contact, and liquid level detection through non-metallic container walls made of glass of plastic up to 4mm.

Capacitive sensors for level detection use a spherical field to detect the product, bulk material, or liquid directly or through a container wall.

Balluff has also developed a leading-edge hybrid capacitive sensor that is capable of level detection of water-based conductive media through thick glass and plastic walls while compensating for moisture, foam and other material build-up.

Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic field sensors are used to track the position of pneumatic pistons which are widely used for compact, reliable, and cost-effective automation. Unfortunately, these pneumatic pistons are often provided with unreliable reed or Hall Effect switches that fail before the service life of the cylinder.

Balluff has developed an innovative solution to these unreliable switches, using solid-state sensor technology that is compatible with both reed and Hall Effect magnetic pole orientation, these sensors are capable of reliable contact-free sensing, even at high travel speeds.

These magnetic field sensors work with field strengths as low as 15 Gauss, unlike conventional reed or Hall Effect sensors that require Gauss ratings that are two times higher. This equates to a reliable sensor even as the magnet weakens over time, from heat exposure, or other factors.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are one of the most versatile sensor lines for object, position, and distance detection. Capable of object detection for counting and monitoring as well as measuring fill levels and heights without contact; independently of colour or surface texture and unaffected by transparent objects with strong reflective properties, ultrasonic sensors are the most multifaceted sensor from Balluff.

Their high resolution and small blind spots equate to guaranteed precision even through fog, dust, or other impurities. With a larger detection area than other object detection sensors, ultrasonic sensors can be used in applications with greater detection distances while maintaining precision.

As with all of Balluff’s sensors, ultrasonic sensors are available in a variety of form factors to allow for ease of integration and automation system design.

Magnetic Linear and Rotary Encoders

Magnetic encoders have never been more accurate than Balluff’s Permagnet® technology, which reduces dispersion and distortion of the magnetic field throughout the specified working range, in turn reducing the influence of gap-distance variation on the accuracy of the position measurement.

Compared to traditional optical scale encoders, Balluff’s magnetic encoders can deliver equal or greater accuracy with a more robust construction at a lower cost. Their rugged design makes them ideal for use in extreme ambient conditions to ensure continuous, precise operation.

Available in both linear and rotational formats, as well as incremental or absolute position detection, magnetic encoders are dependable for precise positioning and speed detection across a dynamic array of applications. With measurement lengths up to 48m for large-scale applications, Permagent® technology is also more tolerant of variation in the working distance between the encoder read head and the magnetic tape.

Finding The Right Sensors

With such a wide selection of sensors to choose from, finding the right one can be a time-consuming task.

Our technical experts are here to help you find the most flexible and cost-effective sensor for your application to ensure that your system maintains versatile, dependable performance for the future.

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