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Balluff Typecode: BCC M415-M414-3A-304-EX44T2-006

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The Balluff BCC05LT is a high-quality double-ended cord set designed for robust and secure transmission of signals, data, and power. It features a straight M12x1 female connector with 5 pins and a straight M12x1 male connector with 4 pins, ensuring a reliable connection. The cord set is encased in a durable yellow TPE cable, measuring 0.6 meters in length, suitable for drag chain applications. With an operating voltage of 250 VDC/VAC and a rated current of 4 A, it is built to withstand a wide temperature range, making it ideal for various industrial environments. The BCC05LT is also rated for IP67, IP68, and IP69K, signifying its resistance to dust and water ingress, ensuring performance in challenging conditions.

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