Making Efficient Automation Accessible

Resolving inefficiencies can be a nightmare, at Integrated Machinery understand that the complexity of automation can make designing a new system a challenge. iM is here to do the heavy lifting, using only the highest quality components to ensure our systems keep working for years to come with as little downtime as possible.

  • Automated Production

    An effective automation solution can transform a menial task into a scalable process, creating agility in production and flexibility in the workforce.

  • Fluid Processing

    Fluid transfer can be a daunting task, especially with the risks of spills and contamination that arise from transporting containers. Reduce transfer times and avoid the mess with an automated transfer solution.

  • Packaging Solutions

    Packaging can be one of the most time consuming and monotenous roles in any industry. Quite simply, automated packaging increases productivity which means more product out the door.

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