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Quality Monitoring with Balluff Sensors

The Big Fix

Balluff’s extensive product line, along with our other multifaceted vendors, allow for Integrated Machinery to design innovative automation solutions that meet the versatile and dynamic needs of our customers.

In a recent industrial manufacturing application, our technical experts implemented Balluff sensors into an existing manufacturing process to improve the efficiency of the assembly line. In this process, an automated machining center was being used to drill an essential hole in the product for use by the end-user. Prior to our solution, when the bit on the machine would break, the process would continue without the hole being drilled until the fault was visibly detected. Upon someone finally noticing the fault, all material that had been processed through the machine would have to be scrapped and the machine would be shut down for repair.


An Integrated Automation Solution

In order to resolve this costly inefficiency, our experts integrated a diffuse photoelectric sensor into the machine to detect the presence of the drill bit. This sensor was connected to a control system so that in the event that the bit breaks, the manufacturing process would halt automatically and the operator would be notified about the down machine. This quality monitoring solution reduces the possibility of scrap products upon machine failure to zero and reduces machine downtime to the time it takes to replace a drill bit.

While this was a simple solution, it offered numerous long-term benefits in cost-savings and reduced downtime for our customer, and a higher quality product for their end-user.


Have a Problem? Need a Solution?

Every problem comes with a host of solutions, but finding the most efficient and durable solution can be challenging. All possibilities need to be explored, but this can be time-consuming for every one of your manufacturing processes.

Let our experts take the strain of scouring solutions to build you the most effective system and elevate your manufacturing to be the apex of the industry.

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