Leveraging Panasonic Laser Markers

Leveraging Panasonic Laser Markers

As the leading innovator in the laser marking industry, Panasonic is the easy choice when it comes to laser markers. Since the development of their first CO2 laser in 1996 and the invention of the very first fiber laser marker in 2001, Panasonic continues to provide unrivaled service and numerous innovative products for any industrial solution. Since 2001, Panasonic has adapted its laser markers for a variety of applications, with the ability to mark 3D objects made of any number of materials from plastics, to metals and glass.


Laser markers have countless benefits in costs savings and efficiency for manufacturing. Materials marked by a laser carry a clear and permanent mark without the use of ink or labels. This is done by accurately heating the area with a laser, causing oxidization in the material which results in a colour change at a very shallow depth.

When Panasonic first released their CO2 marker it was already a clear competitor to conventional marking systems. Since then, Panasonic has improved their product to ensure the accuracy of laser marking is unrivalled. This allows for marking of even the smallest items, such as semiconductors, with precision.

Manufacturers can instantly benefit from permanent marking in which there is no chance of smudging or loss of labels, resulting in downtime to resolve issues and adding up to huge losses in production. The accuracy of a laser also ensures there are no misprints, which scanners could misinterpret or may not be able to read. Simply put, there is no alternative to laser marking when you need a permanent, accurate mark.

One of the other key benefits of laser markers is their adaptability. Due to the non-contact marking, it is easy to implement a laser marker into an existing process. Panasonics laser markers simply need to be placed within a markable range, and setup is complete on the easy-to-use software provided by Panasonic. The best part is, once it’s setup, it’s good to go! No more maintenance is required on laser markers once the initial setup is complete, and markings will come out perfectly every time.


Panasonic offers numerous of lasers for different applications, and they’ve made it easy to determine their marking capabilities. At Integrated, our goal is to ensure that your manufacturing goes smoothly. In terms of laser markers this means finding the right product for your current application, as well as looking into its versatility for future applications. We’re here to help with every step of your solution, contact us to see how your manufacturing can benefit from a laser marking system.

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