InvisiPac Glue Nozzle

InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Packaging System From Graco

High-Speed & Low Cost

Graco’s Invispac tank-free system outperforms the competition in hot melt packaging offering a reliable system that uses less glue & electricity, guaranteed. This ultra-efficient system, paired with the PC-8 pattern controller allows nearly anyone to change and test glue patterns at the click of a button. The pattern controller also includes a diagnostic screen to check and monitor machine efficiency right at the source.

Everybody Likes Free

The Invisipac’s tank-free system is no exception, with numerous benefits over the conventional tank-fed machines, you’ll be glad you made the switch. In place of the heated glue tank, the Invisipac uses an innovative aluminum melting chamber that boasts an impressive sub-ten minute warm-up time. This rapid warm-up not only allows for a quick start at the beginning of the day but also prevents adhesive heat exposure for prolonged periods of time. In comparison, a tank-based system may char the material closest to the heat source during warm-up and cause further downtime when the charred glue inevitably plugs the hose or nozzle during use. It’s also important to keep in mind that even if the glue doesn’t get charred in the tank, exposure to heat over time will degrade the quality of the glue and could prevent it from working as intended for packaging.

The tank-free design offers a level of reliability that is unparalleled in the hot-melt sector. With a Graco Invisipac packaging system, you’re guaranteed to see glue savings and less machine downtime. The pattern controller will even track usage and alert a technician if usage metrics trend out of the usage tolerance. This is where the Graco controller shines through the rest, allowing users to diagnose usage metrics and effectively correct discrepancies to get the machine back up and running in no time.

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